I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at ShanghaiTech University Visual Intelligent Center (VIC), supervised by Prof. Jingyi Yu. Before that, I received my Bachelor degree in 2016 from Xidian University.

My research interests lie at the intersection of computer graphics and vision, including geometric modeling/reconstruction, realistic appearance rendering, and controllable image synthesis. I have a great passion on new things and ideas, my goal is to create magic and happiness. Outside my research, I love photography, badminton, and movie appreciation.


MVSNeRF: Fast Generalizable Radiance Field Reconstruction from Multi-View Stereo
ICCV 2021
Anpei Chen*, Zexiang Xu*, Fuqiang Zhao, Xiaoshuai Zhang, Fanbo Xiang, Jingyi Yu, Hao Su
GNeRF: GAN-based Neural Radiance Field without Posed Camera
ICCV 2021 (Oral)
Quan Meng, Anpei Chen, Haimin Luo, Minye Wu, Hao Su, Lan Xu, Xuming He, Jingyi Yu
ConvNeRF: Convolutional Neural Opacity Radiance Fields
ICCP 2021
Haimin Luo, Anpei Chen, Qixuan Zhang, Bai Pang, Minye Wu, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu
SofGAN: A Portrait Image Generator with Dynamic Styling
TOG 2021
Anpei Chen*, Ruiyang Liu*, Ling Xie, Zhang Chen, Hao Su, Jingyi Yu
A neural rendering framework for free-viewpoint relighting
CVPR 2020
Zhang Chen, Anpei Chen, Guli Zhang, Chengyuan Wang, Yu Ji, Kiriakos N Kutulakos, Jingyi Yu
Photo-Realistic Facial Details Synthesis from Single Image
ICCV 2019 (Oral)
Anpei Chen, Zhang Chen, Guli Zhang, Ziheng Zhang, Kenny Mitchell, Jingyi Yu
Sparse photometric 3d face reconstruction guided by morphable models
CVPR 2019
Xuan Cao, Zhang Chen, Anpei Chen, Xin Chen, Shiying Li, Jingyi Yu
Learning semantics-aware distance map with semantics layering network for amodal instance segmentation
ACM MM 2019
Ziheng Zhang*, Anpei Chen*, Ling Xie, Jingyi Yu, Shenghua Gao
Refocusable Gigapixel Panoramas for Immersive VR Experiences
TVCG 2019
Wentao Lyu, Peng Ding, Yingliang Zhang, Anpei Chen, Minye Wu, Shu Yin, Jingyi Yu
Deep surface light fields
I3D 2018
Anpei Chen, Minye Wu, Yingliang Zhang, Nianyi Li, Jie Lu, Shenghua Gao, Jingyi Yu